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Metal Detector Garrett Indonesia. HP 0815 9935009. www.garrettindonesia.com

Soil ph meter, moisture meter, humidity meter, temperature, sound level meter, gas detector, tachometer, water sampler, current meter, cctv, Turbidity meter, conductivity meter, tesla meter, gauss meter, efm, HP 0815 9935009

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We able to supply for the following with good reasonable price :
+ GF+ SIGNET, Slow pH, ORP, Conductivity & Ratio Instruments
+ GF+ SLOANE, PVC/ CPVC/ PP Pipes & Fittings
3D, Precision Test Gauges & Calibration Units
3M, Touch Monitors
3-STARS, TCT Circular Saws, Diamond Wheels, Knives
A KIRCHNER & TOCHTER, Flow Meters For Gases & Liquids
AALBORG, Variable Area Flowmeter
AALIANT, Target/ Vortex/ Ultrasonic Flowmeters
AALIANT/ HERSEY, Vortex, PD, Target, Magnetic & BTU Meters
ABZ, Butterfly Valves
AC MARINE, Marine Antennas
AC, Filters
ACCU-CODER, Rotary Optical Encoders
ACCULOK, Valves & Fittings
ACE GLAM, Special Glassware
ACEPACK, CD Stud, CD Centre
ACGIH, Industrial Hygiene Publications
ACME, Pipe & Accessories For Concrete Pumps
ACONA, Three & Five Way Manifolds Valves
ACP, Frequency Converters
ACR, Compact Self-Powered Data Loggers
ACROMAG, Signal Conditioners & Data Acquisition Systems
ACS, Alcohol Breath Testers
ACTARIS, Metering Systems
ACTARIS, Water Meters C/ W Pulser
ACTION HOSE COUPLINGS, Quick Action & Safety Hose Couplings
ACUTECH, Engineered Plastics
ADAC, Computer Plug In Data Acquisition Cards & Interface Equipment
ADSENS, Pneumatic Exhaust Mufflers, Filters & Sensors
ADTECH, Signal Converter, Transmitter & Isolator
ADVANCED ILLUMINATION, Led Back Lights, Board Area, Diffuse, Ring, Spot, Darkfield & Line Lightings For Machine Vision
ADVANTEC TOYO, Industrial & Analytical Filter Papers, SyringeFilters, Membrane Filters, Thimble Filters, Etc
AEC, Industry & Marine Automation, GMDSS, PA, Intercom, Temp. Monitoring, Fire-Alarm, Gas System
AEC, Power Supply, GMDSS Terminal, Gyro Interface, Automation Central Panel
AEC, Shaft RPM, Rudder Angle Meter, Fuel Level Gauge
AEES, Battery Charger
AEG, Sensors, Controls, Switches
AEROQUAL, Handheld Gas Monitors, Gas Monitors For FixedInstallation
AEROQUAL, Ozone Meter
AGAR, Multi-Phase Flowmeters, Water In Oil Monitor, Probes
AGRU, High Purity PVDF Piping Systems
AIC, Display Monitors, Panel Meters, Etc
AIPHONE, Communication & Security Systems
AIR FLOW, Monitor Valves
AIR MITE, Air Arbor Pressess, Pneumatic Cylinders & Valves
AIR TECH PUMP, Regenerative, LH Serie, Orion Dry Rotary, LiquidRing & Medical Vacuum Pump & Systems
AIR TORQUE, Pneumatic Actuators ( Single Or Double Acting)
AIRCONTROL TECH, Cooling Systems/ Package
AIRFLOW, Airflow Meters, Air Leakage Testers, Manometers
AIRGAS, Smart Indicating Regulator, Change Over Panel, Super Clean Gas Filter
AIRPAX, Magnetic Speed Sensors, Hall Effect Speed Sensors& Digital Tachometers
AIRSCREW, Fans & Blowers
AKATHERM INTERNATIONAL B V, PP/ PE Drainage Fitting & PP/ PE Pressure Fitting
AKATHERM, HDPE Pipes & Fittings For Drainage, Sison SlphonicRoof Drainage Systems, Akavent Drainage Systems
AKATHERM, PE, Drainage Pipes & Fittings
AKO, Pinch/ Sleeve Valves
AKRON, Nozzles
ALC, Centrifuge
ALCO, Valves & Manifolds
ALDRICH, Standard & Chemicals
ALEPH HONG KONG, Electronic Components
ALFA MIRAGE, Densimeter
ALFAGOMMA, Industrial Hoses, Hydraulic Hose
ALFOR HAAR, Fuel Components
ALJAC, Basket Strainers, Close Circuit Samplers
ALJAR, Bonding Reels & Sampling Jar
ALKON, Brass Tube Fittings, Tubing & Pneumatic Valves
ALLENAIR, Brass & SS Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinders & Valves
ALL-FLO, Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pump
ALLTECH, Chromatography, Filtration
ALNOR( TSI) , Anenometers, Balometers, Velometers
A-LOK, Valves & Fittings
ALP, Autoclaves
ALP, Autoclaves
ALPHA RESOURCES, ICP, AA & Accessories For Elemental Analyzers
ALPHA TECHNOLOGIES, Nickel Plated Tube Fittings, Quick Exhaust & Ball Valves
ALPHA, Safety Couplings
AMCO, Gas Regulators, Meters
AMETEK JF INSTRUMENTS, Pressure & Temperature Calibration Equipment
AMETEK ROTRON, Fans & Blowers
AMETEK, Gauges & Transducers
AMF, Clamping Systems
AMICO, Bathroom Fixture & Fitting, Water Meter, Mixers
AMOT CONTROLS, Engine Safety System & Panels, Pneumatic, Electronic & Electrical Pressure, Etc
AMS, Panel & Switchboard Meters
ANALIS, Petroleum Testing Equipment
ANALOGIC, Distributed Control Systems & I/ O Devices
ANDERSEN INSTRUMENTS, Ambient Particulate, High Volume Samplers, Particulates Sizing Impactor, Stack Sampling
ANDERSON & GREENWOOD/ TYCO, Instrument Valve, Gauge Valve, Manifolds
ANDERSON & GREENWOOD/ TYCO, Instrument Valve, Gauge Valve, Manifolds
ANDERSON GREENWOOD VAREE, Tank Fittings & Biogas Systems
APCS, Analog Process Controls & Sensors Etc
APOLLO, Ball Valves
APOLLO, Smoke & Heat Detectors & Fire Protection & AlarmSystem
APPLIED MOTION PRODUCTS, Stepper Motor, Servo Motor Stepper & ServoController & Driver
APS WATER, Water Purification
AP-TECH, Pressure Regulators
AQUA BOY, Moisture Meters
AQUA METRO, BTU/ Water Meters
AQUAFINE, Ultra-Violet Sterilizers
AQUAFINE, UV Sterilizers
AQUAMATIC, Portable Water Sampling System
AQUAMETRO, Flowmeters, Oil & Water Flow Measurements
AQUAMETRO, Oil Meters/ Flowmeters
ARBOGA, Drilling Machine
ARCCO, Cravitometers & Gas Sampler
ARCHON, Liquid Level Gauges
ARCUS, USB Stepper Controller/ Driver
AREMCO, Scribers
ARGUS, DC Rectifiers
ARMANNI, Stackers & Trucks
ARNO AMARELL, Hydrometer, Precision, Lab Thermometer
ARO, Metallic & Engineering Plastic, Air DiaphragmPumps
ART ROBBINS INSTRUMENTS, Multiposition, High-Throughput Liquid HandlingDispenser
ASAHI, Water Meters
ASAHI/ AMERICA VALVES, Flanged, Pneumatics & Electric Actuators Ball & Butterfly Valves PVC, CPVC, Propropylene & PVDF
ASCO, Industrial Products
ASCOTT, Salt Spray Humidity Cabinet
ASHCROFT, Pressure & Temperature Gauges, Gauges & Switches
ASHCROFT, Pressure Gauges & Diaphragm Seals, TemperatureGauges & Transmitters
ASN SAFETY SOLUTIONS, Safety Contact Edges, Bumpers, Mats & Relays
ASSISTENT, Laboratory Glasswares
ASTI PURE, Pumps/ Valves
ASTI, Teflon Pumps & Fittings
ASTM, Reference Standard Materials
ASTORE ( AVF) , Compression Fittings & Clamp Saddles
AT VORTEX TUBE, A Phenomenon Cool Air-Gun
A-T, Controls, Ball Valves
ATAGO, Hand Refractometer
ATAL, Compact Self-Powered Data Loggers
ATEQ, Leak Detectors, Flowmeters & ElectricalMeasuring Instruments
ATEXIS, Thermocouples & RTD' s
ATLAS COPCO, Air Compressors
ATLAS HYDROGRAPHIC, Echo Sounders & Sub Bottom Profilers
ATLAS, Marine Navigation & Communication Systems
ATLAS, Polymer Evaluation Products
ATMI, Cable Float Level Switches
AURA, Three & Five Way Manifolds Valves
AURORA, Aluminium, Brass & SS Pneumatic & HydraulicCylinders
AUTENTO, 4 " LED Big Management Display System
AUTEXIER, Aluminium Bronze Valve
AUTOMAT, Magnetic Level Switches
AUTOMATIC VALVE, Solenoid & Manual Pneumatic Spool Valves
AUTRONICA, Fire & Gas Detection Systems, Monitoring & AlarmSystems
AUXITROL, Tank Level Gauging, Pressure & Temperature Sensors
AVCO, Cryogenic Ball Valve, 3 Piece Ball Valve
AVERY HARDOLL, Meter & Industrial Tanks & Hose Couplings, Meters
AVOCADO, Chemicals
AW METERS, Air Flow Monitors, Batch Controllers Food & Pharmaceutical Process Meters
AW METERS, Auto Paints, Gear, Helical Sealant, Sanitary Flow, Solvent & AW Positive Displacement Meters
AW, Flowmeters
AWA INSTRUMENT, Mono/ Multi-Parameter Controller PCX
AWG, Fire Fighting Equipment
AWH, Sanitary Valves, Sampling Valves & Sight Glass
AXELSON, Pilot-Operated Safety Relief Valves, ESP Sensors
AXILOCK, Pipe Couplings
B HAGNER A B, Universal Multipurpose Photometers
BAE SYSTEMS, HF/ VHF/ UHF Receivers & Processing Equipment
BAILEY CASH, Gyogenic Valve & Regulator
BAILEY PEERLESS, Testing Plug/ Air Bag
BAILEY, Safety Relief Valve, Pressure Reducing Valve, Etc
BALDWIN, Filters
BAND-IT, Clamping Products
BANJO, Gasoline Engine Powered Pumps, Polypro HoseFittings & Valves
BANNER, Photo-Electric Sensor, Measurement & InspectionSensor, Machine Safety Products, Vision Sensors
BARBER COLMAN, Air Distribution Products, Variable Air VolumeBoxes
BARBER COLMAN, Diesel Control Systems, Auto Synchronizer & LoadSharing Modules, Temperature Controller & Etc
BARBER COLMAN, VAV, Induction VAV, Swirl Diffusers, PerforatedDiffusers, Jet-Flo Diffusers
BARCOL-AIR, Chilled Ceilings, Radiant Cooling Products
BARIGO, Marine Clocks & Barometers
BARKSDALE, Pressure & Temperature Switches
BARKSDALE, Pressure & Temperature Switches, DirectionalControl Valves, Process Indicators, Etc
BARKSDALE, Pressure & Temperature Switches, Manual ValveControls
BARRINGTON AUTOMATION, Pneumatic Slides, Rotary Actuators, Grippers & Sensors
BARTON, Recorders, Turbine Flow Meters, PD Flow Meters, Pneumatic Controllers, D/ P, Indicators & Switches
BASIKA, Separators
BASLER, Protective Relays & Automatic Voltage Regulators
BAUMER ELECTRIC, Sensors, Encoders, Counters Etc
BAYARD, Pressure Reducing Valves
BAYHAM, Liquid Level Tank Gauges, Level Switches & Controls
BBE, Water Toximeter
BEACH FILTERS, Desiccant Drying Filter For Extremely Clean & Dry Air
BEAVER/ MARS, Ball Valves, Globe Valves, Gate Valves, SwingCheck Valves, Y-Strainer & Piston Check Valve
BECKER PUMP, VTF400, VT Rotary & VTLF Vacuum Pumps
BECKHOFF, PC-Based Control, Fieldbus Components, IndustrialPC
BECKWITH ELECTRIC, Autodaptive Capacitor Control, Tapchanger Control, Relays
BEL-ART, Plasticware Products
BELT, Domestic & Industrial Gas Detectors & Control
BELUK, Auto Regulators
BENNETT, Dispensing Pumps
BERCO, Engine Rebuild Machineries
BERLUTO, Pressure Reducing Valves
BERMAD, Water Meters
BERNSTEIN, Sensors, Ex-Proof
BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES, Nuclear Instruments Include Level, Density, Concentration, Flow, Moisture & Etc
BESTOBELL VALVE, Bronze/ Stainless Steel Cryogenic Valves, Globes, Gate, Swing & Lift Check Valves, Pressure Thermal
BESTOBELL, Steam Traps, Condensate Recovery Pump, PressureOperated Pump System
BETA, Pressure & Temperature Switches
BETA, Veneer Knives
BETTS, Chemical Tank Fitting
BETTS, Valves & Fittings
BIMBA, Stainless Steel, Air Cylinders, Linear Truster, Ultran Rodless & PC Cylinders
BINDICATOR, RF Sensors For Bulk Material, Tuning Fork LevelSwitch
BINDING UNION, Process Controls, Instrumentation, DataAcquisition System
BIO-CONNECTS, Biopharm Fittings
BIOSCIENCE, COD/ BOD/ Electrolytic Analyzer
BIRKETT, Safety Relief Valves
BIRTCHER-APW, Printed Circuit Board Hardware
BISON, AC & DC Fractional Horse Power Motor & Gearmotor
BJM, Industrial Duty Cast Iron & Stainless SubmersiblesPumps
BLACKALLOY, Drill Units & Accessories
BLACKSTONE-NEY ULTRASONICS, Frenquency Range: 40KHz, 80 KHz, 120 KHz, 140 KHz, 170 KHz, 220 KHz, 270 KHz, Degreasers
BLACKSTONE-NEY ULTRASONICS, Multi-Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaner
BLH, Weighing System
BLUE WHITE, Variable Area Flowmeter
BLUE-WHITE, Flowmeters
BLUE-WHITE, Variable Area Flowmeter
BMETERS, Water Meter
BMS, Aircraft Refuelling Totalise Kits
BODINE, Fractional Horse Power AC & DC Motor & Gearmotor
BOECKEL, Boeco Centrifuge/ Dispenser
BOLLMAN, Moisture Meters
BONS, Check Valves
BONZER, Can Openers, Cocktail & Bar Equipment, HotelEquipment & Supplies
BOPP & REUTHER, Safety Relief Valves
BOPP & REUTHER, Safety Valves
BOPP, Industrial Filter Mesh
BORGWALDT TEKNIK GmBH, Laboratory Equipment
BOSCO, Water Meters
BOURDON, Gauges & Thermometers
BOURDON-HAENNI, High-Performance Range Of Instrument For MeasuringPressure, Temperature, Force & Acceleration
BOUSTEAD, Alarm Systems, Burner Manager Systems, TerminalAutomation & Control System, Load Control System,
BOUSTEAD, Tank Gauging System
BOUSTEAD, Well Head Control Systems, Wellhead Control/ Shutdown Panel, DCS/ PLC Based Control Systems,
BOWDEN, Household/ Commercial & Industrial Gas Appliances
BRAINCHILD, GSM Controller, Power Management, PaperlessRecorder
BRANDT, I/ P & P/ I Transducers
BRANN, ODME, Cargo Monitoring
BRANNAN, Thermometers
BRANNAN, V-Line Thermometers, Rain Gauges
BRANSON, Ultrasonic Cleaners
BRASSERT, Self Cleaning Filters
BRINKMANN, Centrifuge/ Dispenser
BRISTOL BABCOCK, Chart Recorders
BROAD, Air-Conditioning Systems
BROADY, Pressure Relief Valves
BROADY, Relief Valves, Safety Relief Valves
BROOK CROMPTON, Electric Motors
BROOKHAVEN, Particle Size, Zeta Potential Instruments & LaserLight Instruments
BROOKS INSTRUMENT DIVISION, Thermal Mass Meter/ Controller & Coriolis FlowController, Variable Area Flow Meter, Oval Gear PD
BROWN & SHARPE, Precision Measuring Tools
BROWNALL, Laboratory Water/ Gas Fittings & Pipes
BROWNELL, Dewpoint Indicators & Meters
BRUSH, HT Motors & AC Generators
BRYAN, Boilers
BUCHI AG SWITZERLAND, Laboratory Autoclaves Chemical Reactor
BUCK SCIENTIFIC, Analytical Instrument
BUCK, Air Sampling Pumps & Calibrators
BUCK, Personal Air Sampling Pumps & Air Flow Calibrator
BUDENBURG, Deadweight Testers
BUDGIT, Non Spark Hoist
BUENO, PFA Bellow Tube, PFA Lined Pipe Fittings, PFA Lined Ball Valves
BULL ELECTRIC, Electric Motors
BUNKABOEKI, Liquid Level Gauges
BURKERT, Controls & Valves
BURKERT, Flow, Pressure, Temperature Controls
BURKERT, Solenoid Valves & Controls
BURTON CORBLIN, Gas Compressors & Diaphragm Piston
BUSCHJOST, Automatic Equipment Components
BUTECH, High Pressure Tubes, High Pressure Fittings & High Pressure Valves
BYTAC, Bench Protectors
C B KAYMICH, Cigarette Side Seaming & Glueing Systems
C C S, Pressure & Temperature Switches
CAFRAMO, Stirrer, Stirrer Accessories
CALDON, Custody Transfer Ultrasonic Flowmeter
CALGAZ, Calibration Gas Mixtures & Kits
CALOREX, Heat Pump Dehumidifiers, Swimming Pool HeatRecovery & Ventilation Products
CALORITECH, Electric Steam Boilers
CAMBRIDGE ISOTOPE, Radioactive Environmental Standard
CAMERON MEASUREMENT, Recorders, Controllers, Product Sampling System, Water-Cut Monitor, Safety Relief Valves
CAMERON MEASUREMENT, Turbine/ Ultrasonic/ DP Cone/ PD Flowmeters, Flow Totalizers/ Indicators, Orifice Fittings
CANNON, Stormer Kerbs Viscometers
CANTY, Process Lighting, Vision, Camera, Vector Control
CAPRI, Meters, Pressure Gauges
CAPSTONE, Multi-Fuel ( Gas/ Diesel/ Sour Gas/ Flare Gas) GasTurbines
CARDINAL, EP & BA Tubing & Fittings
CARDINAL, Ultra High Purity Tubes & Ultra High PurityFittings
CAROLINA, Biological Instrument & Equipment, Science & MathCatalog
CARTEN, Ultra High Purity Bellow & Diaphragm Valves
CARTER, Aircraft Refuelling Equipment
CARY, Pin/ Plug/ Ring/ Thread Gauges
CASCADE, Pipe Clamps
CASH-ACME, Pressure Regulators
CASHCO, Pressure Regulators & Control Valves
CATHODEON, Atomic Absorption Accessories
CB, Sanding, Polishing Machines
CDC, Rupture Disc
CDG, High Hose Support & Electronics Equipment
CDS-UK, Scada For Track Equipment Monitoring
CECIL, Spectrophotometers
CELWAVE, Marine Antennas
CERBERUS, Fire Detection & Alarm Systems
CEVISA, Plate Chamfering Machine
CHAMPION, Stock Cock, Gate Valve
CHARLES AUSTEN, Vacuum Pressure Pump
CHECK ALL, Check Valves For Water, Oil & Gas
CHEMAT, Chemicals
CHEMFLUOR, Teflon Flare Fittings & Tubings
CHEMTRAC SYSTEM, INC, Streaming Current Monitor
CHEMTROL, Thermoplastics Valve & Fittings
CHEMWARE, Laboratory Vials, Sieves, Beakers, Bottles, Tongs, Stirrers, Forceps, Stoppers & Watch Glass
CHINO, Temperature Control Instrumentation
CHROMACOL, Autosamplers Vials
CID, Leaf Area Meter
CIVACON, Overfill Protection & Tank Truck Fittings
CKS, Industrial Keyboards
CLASMANN, LPG Tanks & Fittings
CLA-VAL, Control Valves
CLEARGARD, PVC Suction & Discharge Hose & Flow Indicators
CLEVELAND VIBRATOR CO., Pneumatic Ball & Piston, Railcar & Rotary Electric
CLIF MOCK, Sampling Systems
CLIFTON, Heating Equipment
CLIMAX, Portable Machine Tool
C-MAP, Chart System
CMO, Knife Gate Valves
COATEST, Thickness Gauges
COBALT, Rugged Flat Panel Display, Industrial EquipmentRack & Console
COBHAM, Filter
COILHOSE PNEUMATICS, Recoil Tubing, Blow Guns, Fittings & PenumaticsAccessories
COLE PARMER, Scientific & Laboratory Equipment
COLE-PARMER-USA, Measuring & Control Instruments & Accessories
COLORADO ENGINEERING ( CEESI) , Gas Flowmeter Calibration Services
COMARK, High Accuracy Thermometer
COMARK, Thermometers, Pressure Meters, Intrinsically SafeInstruments
COMELIT, Audio & Video Intercom System
COMELO, Control Instruments
COMPACT AIR PRODUCT, Snap-Cap & Husky Compact Space Efficient PneumaticCylinders
COMPASS, GPS Gyro, High Precision Satellite Gyro
COMPUTRONIC CONTROLS, UK, Keystarts, Battery Charger
COMTROL, Data Communications
CONAIRE, Smoke/ Heat Detectors
CON-AIRE, Water Coolers, Detectors, Etc
CONAX FLORIDA, Pyrotechnic Valves
CONEX, Compression Fittings
CONSILIUM, Fire Alarm & Navigation Systems
CONSOLIDATED, Water Stills & Sterilizers
CONSORT, pH Meter & Measuring Instruments
CONTEK, Steam Conditioning
CONTOIL, Flowmeters, Oil & Water Flow Measurements
CONTOUR, Pressure Regulators
CONTREC, Automated Loading Systems
CONTRINEX, Inductive Proximity, Long Range, Analog Outputs, Photo Eyes, Fiber Optics, Background Suppression
CONTRINEX, Proximity & Photo Sensors, Fibre Optics, Etc
CONTROLLI, Motorized Globe Valve, Fan Coil Zone Valve, Air-Conditioning System & Control
CONTROLOTRON, Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeters For Liquid/ Gas, Interface Detector, Pipeline Leak Detection System
CONTROLOTRON, Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeters For Liquid/ Gas, Interface Detector, Pipeline Leak Detection System
CONVENTRY, Thread Ring & Plug, Plain Ring & Plug Gauges
CONVEY, Wafer Check Valve
COOL SORPTION, Vapour Recovery Systems
COOPER, Load Cells, Pressure Transducer Pressure Gages, Digital Instrumentation
COOPER, Mechanical/ Electronics Force Gages
COPE SCIENTIFIC, Scientific Apparatus & Instruments
CORA, Ultra Sanitary Butterfly Valves
CORDWRAP, Cord Fasteners
CORREX, Tension Gauges
CORTEC, Control Chokes & Adjustable Chokes
COSMOS, Gas Detection & Alarm Systems
COTAG, Security Control Systems
COXREELS, Hose Reels
CPC COLDER, Quick Coupling
CPC, Quick Disconnect Couplings & Fittings
CRE, Management & Coupling Of Power Gensets
CREST, Ultrasonic Bench Top Cleaners
CRITEC, Lightning Protectors/ Suppressors/ Barriers
CROMPTON, Panel Meters, Protection Relays, Transducers
CROSBY/ TYLO, Safety Relief Valves
CROWN TIP, Saws & Cutters
CROWN, Argon & CO2 Flowmeter Regulators
CROWN, Diamond Wheels
CROWN, Positive Displacement Meters
CRUMA, Fume Cupboard & Laminar Flow Cabinet
CSI, Alarm & Monitoring Systems
CTRL SYSTEMS, Ultrasound Diagnostic Sensors, SophisticatedSignal Processing/ Maintenance Management Software
CYCLECT, Vehicle Inspection Mirrors ( UVIM)
CYCLONE, Generators & Pumps
D G COLOUR, Munsell Standards
DABICO, Aviation Fuel Hydrant Pit
DAHL, Filters
DAIDO, Bandsaw Blades
DAI-ICHI, Filters, Disc Pads & Brake Shoes
DAIKI, Scientific Instruments
DAISY DATA, Computers, Workstations & Keyboards For Harsh & Hazardous Areas
DANFOSS FLOW, Electromagnetic/ Coriolis Mass/ UltrasonicFlowmeters
DANFOSS FLOW, Electromagnetic/ Coriolis Mass/ UltrasonicFlowmeters
DANFOSS, Industrial Pressure/ Temperature Switch, PressureTransducer
DANFOSS, Industrial Products
DANFOSS, Soft Starter, Frequency Converter
DANFOSS, Water Valves, Motorise Control Valves, BalancingValves
DANIEL MEASUREMENT & CONTROL, Ultrasonic Flow/ Orifice Flow/ Turbine, Control ValveCompact Meter Provers, Flow Measurement Solutions
DANIEL, Rotary Positive Displacement Flow Meters
DATA INSTRUMENTS, Pressure & Linear Displacement Transducers
DAVCO, Filter - Diesel Oil ( Marine & Industrial)
DAVCO, Fuel Processing System
DAVIS, Measuring & Control Instruments & Accessories ForElectronics, Safety & Physical Dimensions
DAVIS, Measuring & Control Instruments & Accessories ForWeather, Process Environment, Marines, Electrical;
DAYTON, AC & DC Motors, 1/ 370 HP To 450 HP, Approved ByUL & CSA
DEDICATED MICROS, CCTVs, Security & Surveillance Equipment
DEFELSKO, Positector 6000/ Thickness Gauge
DELTA CONTROLS, Pressure & Temperature Switches, Annuniciators, Flow Transmitters
DELTA F, Oxygen Analysers
DELTA, AC Servo Motors & Drives
DELTEC, Uninterruptible Power Systems, Power LineConditioners
DENVER, Electronic Analytical & Top Pan Balances
DESBORDES, Pressure Reducing & Balancing Valves
DESIN INSTRUMENTS, Process Controls, Instrumentation, DataAcquisition Systems
DEVAR, Process Control Instruments
DIAL, Level Switches
DICKOW, Heavy Duty Chemical Pumps
DICKSON, Data Loggers, Chart Recorders, Digital Indicators& Accessories For Temperature, Humidity
DICKSON, Digital Indicators & Accessories For Pressure & Event
DI-SORIC, Sensors
DITEL, Multipurpose Digital Instrumentation
DNH, Ex-Proof Marine & Industrial Loudspeakers
DOCKWEILER, Ultra High Purity Tubes & Ultra High PurityFittings
DOLAN JENNER, Fibre Optic Ring, Back & Line Lightings. FibreOptic Light Bundle Guide & Goosenecks System
DOLLINGER, Filtration Systems & Equipment
DOSER, Moisture Meters & Related Products, Etc
DPM, Electronic Digital Indicator, Signal Converter, Transmitter
DR EHRENSTORFER, Environmental/ Pesticide Standards
DRACO, Batch Meters
DRALLIM, Pneumatic Interlock Switch Valves/ Limited ControlEmergency Valves
DRANETZ, Power Analyser
DRUCK, Pressure Calibrator/ Transmitter
DRUCK, Pressure Transmitters, Calibrators, Indicators
DRY-O-LITE, Desiccants
DSI, Valves
DUCATI, Single Phase, Three Phase Multi-Function Meters, Power Analyzer & Energy Management Systems
DURAFUSE, PE Electrofusion Systems, PE Pipe JointingEquipment, Tools & Accessories
DURAPIPE, ABS Pipes & Fittings, Vulcathene PP Chemical WastePiping System
DUST, Monitors/ Ducting Fume Cupboard
DUTCHI, CE, IEC/ DIN, VDE Compliant Aluminium & Cast IronMotors
DWYER, Gauges, D P Switches, Transmitters, Flowmeter & Manometers
DWYER, Magnehelic D.P. Gauge
DWYER, Pressure Gage, Switch & Transmitter, Flowmeter, Pitot Tube, Flow Switch & Indicator, Etc
DYNALCO, LCD Display Tachometers & Instrumentation
DYNAPAR, Predetermining Counters, Rate Indicators/ Counters, Encoders
DYNAQUIP, Fittings Blowgun
E2S, Alarm Sounders, Sirens, Horns, Signalling Devices
EAGLE ENGINEERING, Pneumatic Ducting Systems & Components, MetallicSeals
EAGLE SIGNAL, Electronics Totalizing Counters, Elapsed & Electronics Timers
EASI, Meteorological Inst, Windmeters
EASYLUBE 150, Microcomputer Automatic Grease Lubricator
EATON, Filter & Strainer
EBCO, Ball Float Valves
EBW, Service Station Equipment
ECHELON, Lonworks Integrator
ECIFLU, Aviation Fuel Handling Equipment
ECU, Speed Switches & Automatic Engine Controls
EDAMIX, Fume Cupboard & Laboratory Furniture
EDGETECH, Moisture & Humidity Systems
EDMOLIFT, Scissor Table & Hydraulic Cylinders
EDWARDS, Ex-Proof Detectors, Audible & Signalling Equipment
EESIFLO, Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeters, Moisture Meters
EGMO, BPE Pharmaceutical Tubes & Fittings, Beverage & Dairy Tubes & Fittings, Food, 3A Tubes & Fittings
EGMO, Heat Exchangers, WFI Vessels, Bio-Reators, Bio-Pharma Fittings
EIJKEIKAMP, Soil/ Argicultural Measuring Instruments
EISEN, Pin Gauges
ELAC/ L3, Sonar, Echo Sounder Multibeam Sonar For CommercialMilitary, Fishing
ELAFLEX, Aviation Hoses
ELAFLEX, Hose & Couplings
ELDRIDGE, Thermal Mass Flowmeter
ELE, Material Testing Instruments
ELECTRO PHYSIK, Surface Testing Instrument
ELECTRO SENSOR, Speed Indicator, Encoder & Signal Converter
ELECTROCRAFT, Servomotor & Controllers
ELECTROID, Clutch & Brakes
ELEMENTAL MICROANALYSIS, Standards And Accessories For Elemental Analyzers
ELEPHANT, Chain Blocks
ELITE, Furnaces
ELMA, Ultrasonic Bath
ELPRO, Wireless Telemetry System
ELSTER, Gas Meter
ELSTER-AMCO, Gas Meters, Regulators, Systems
ELSTER-JEAVONS, Gas Regulators
ELTHERM, Industrial Products
EMCEE, Conductivity Meters & Microseparometers
EMCO WHEATON, Fluid Handling Equipment
EMCO WHEATON, Loading Arm/ Nozzles/ Fuel Handling Equipment
EMCO WHEATON, Service Station Equipment
EMCO, Insertion/ Inline Vortex/ Turbine Flowmeters, Ultrasonic Flowmeters & BTU Measurement System
EMOTRON, Frequency Inverters, Soft Starters, Shaft PowerMonitors, EMS-VVX Dr Systems Rotary Heat Exchanger
EMTECH/ KVH, Satellite, TV, Antenna, SATCOM System
ENDO, Air Hoist
ENEMAC, Shaft Coupling & Torque Limiter
ENERVAC, Oil Purification System
ENFIELD, Enfusion & Encase Double Containment ChemicalWaste Piping
ENFM, Pressure & Temperature Gauges
ENFUSION, Polypropylene Pipe & Fittings
ENGEL, Motors, Electric
ENI, RF Plasma Power Generator
ENIDINE, Shock Absorbers, Vibration Isolation & RateControls
ENM, Counters
ENVIRONMENTAL MEASURING SYSTEM, Environmental Monitors Equipment
E-POWER, Diesel Generating Sets
EPPENDORF, Scientific Apparatus & Instruments
EPRO, Vibration Control & System
ERA, Jisk PVC Ball Valve, Check Valve And Union, Simple Joint, Foot Valve
ERIKS, Fluid Sealing Products
ERMA, Spectrophotometer
ERO ELECTRONIC, Controllers & Indicators
ERO ELECTRONIC, Controllers & Indicators
ERON, Tool & Gauges
ERSKINE, Telecom & Industrial DC Power Supply
ESD, Digital pH/ Turbidity/ Conductivity TDS/ OxygenMeters
E' SLON/ ASAHI/ TSK, Jisk TS/ DV Fitting
ESSCANO POWER A/ S, Dampers & Louvres
ESSER, Fire Alarm System
ETALON, Precision Measuring Instruments
ETN, Industrial Controls, Sensors, Converters
EUCHNER, Electrical Switches - Safety, Limit, Positioning & Encodes
EURO 16, Valves
EUROLIFT, Hand Pallet Trucks
EUROMAG, Magnetic Flowmeter
EUROMEX MICROSCOPES, Scientific Apparatus & Instruments
EUROMEX, Microscopes
EUROSMC, Portable & Laboratory Test & Single Phase & ThreeThree Phase Relay Test Set, Measuring Instruments
EUROVECTOR SPA, Elemental Analyser ( CHNS Analyser)
EVER-TITE, Cam & Groove Couplings
EWAL, Cylinder Connection
EXCALIBUR, Dehydrator
EXERGEN, Non Contact Thermometer & Sensor
EXOTEK, Moisture Meter
EXPANSION SEAL TECHNOLOGIES, Test Plug, Tube Plugging & Sleeving Systems
EXTECH, Measuring & Control Instruments & Accessories
EXTRONICS, Intrinsically Safe & Ex-Proof Equipment
F W BELL, Magnetic Instrumentation
FACET, Aviation & Industrial Filters & Oiling WaterSeparators
FACO, Bin & Capacitance & Vibration Level Switch
FAIRCHILD, Regulators & Transducers
FAITH ENTERPRISES, Wafer Handling Systems
FCI, Mass Flowmeters, Flow & Level Monitoring
FEDERAL SIGNAL, Audible & Visual Warning Devices
FEDERAL, Precision Measuring Instruemnts & Tools
FELLOW KOGYO, 15ppm Bilge Alarm, Oil Concentration Detector
FEMA, Digital Panel Meters, Bar-Graphs Indicators, Counters, Tachometers & Totalising Timers
FEMA, Digital Panel Meters, Bar-Graphs Indicators, Counters, Tachometers & Totalising Timers
FENWAL, Smoke & Heat Detectors
FEZER, Vacuum Lifting System
FH, Ultrasonic & Turbine Flowmeters
FHF, Marine, Industrial & Ex-Proof Telephones, Beacons, Sirens, Sounders, Horns
FIAMM, Batteries, UPS & Acoustic Warning Devices
FII, Vapour Recovering Units ( VRU) , LPG Equipment
FILL-RITE, Flowmeters, Dispensing & Hand Pumps
FILTERITE, Cartridge Filters
FINE AUTOMATION, Solid Level Switches, Capacitance, Vibration, Etc
FINETEK, Solid & Liquid Level Controls, Capacitance, Vibration, Panel Meters, Temperature Controllers
FINISH THOMSON, Horizontal Magnetic Driven, Vertical Centrifugal& Drum Pumps
FIP, PVC/ CPVC/ PP/ PVDF Ball & Butterfly Valves & FlowInstrumentation
FIP, Valves, Pipes & Fittings
FIRESURE, LPCB Approved Flowmeter
FISCHER & PORTER, Control & Flow Instruments
FISHBURNE, Tobacco Bale & Case Packers
FISHER CONTROLS, Regulators, Valves
FISHER INSTRUMENTS, Measure Coating Thickness
FISHER SCIENTIFIC, Laboratory Equipment
FIVAL, Reflex Level
FLAIR-SPX, Compressed Air Purification
FLARE INDUSTRIES INC, Flare Systems, Thermal Oxidizers & IgnitionSystems
FLENDER, Couplings & Gearboxes
FLEX, Fleet Monitoring Systems
FLEXIM, Flowmeters
FLO-LINE, Hydraulic Cylinders
FLO-MAX, Valve & Fittings
FLOW TECHNOLOGY, Flowmeters, Flow Calibrators
FLOW X 3, Flow Sensors, Instrumentation
FLOWAY, Vertical Turbine Pump ( Aviation)
FLOWLINE, Level Switches/ Transmitters, Flow Switches & Relay Controllers
FLOWPOINTS, Sight Flow Indicators
FLOWSEAL, High Performance Butterfly Valves
FLOWSERVE ACCORD, Industrial Products
FLS, Flow Sensors, Instrumentation
FLUCON, Flow Meter
FLUID TRANSFER, Aviation Part Suppliers
FLUKA, Chemicals
FLUKA, Chemicals
FLUKE, Test & Measuring Instruments
FLUOROGLIDE, Fluoropolymer Spray Film
FMC SYSTEM, Material Handling Solutions
FMC, Mass Meters, Ultrasonic/ Orific Gas Meters
FMS, Marine Power Supply
FORD METER BOX, Pipe Couplings
FPP, Bulk Flowmeters
FPP, Chemical Flowmenters
FRANCEL, Regulators
FRANK, Floor Sanding Machines
FRER, Switchboards Instrument
FRIATEC, Frialen PE Electrofusion Fittings & Valves
FTB, Pressure Gauges
FTB/ QIC, Pressure & Temperature Gauges
FUJI ELECTRIC INSTRUMENTATION, Signal Conditioners, Gas Analysers, Panel MetersDigtal Temperature Controllers
FUJI ELECTRIC INSTRUMENTATION, Transmitters For Press/ Temp/ DP/ Flow/ Level, Strip Chart Recorders, Paperless Recorders
FUJI ELECTRIC, Frequency Inverters & Air Blowers
FUJI, Magnetic Stands
FUJIKIN, Instrumentation Tube Fittings & Valves, VCR & WeldFittings, Ceramic Ball Valve, Control Valve-Smash
FUNGILAB, Digital Viscometer
FUNKE & HUSTER FERNSIG, Ex-Proof Telephones & Signalling Devices
FURNESS, Leak Detectors, Flowmeters & Electrical MeasuringInstruments
FURON, PFA Tubes, PFA Fittings & PFA Valves
FURON, Teflon Pumps/ Valves/ Fittings/ Tubing
FURUNO, GMDSS, Radars, Navigation Systems
GAF, Filter Bags, Liquid Filtration Systems
GAITRONICS, Telephony Equipment, Communication Systems, RadioDispatch & RF Products
GALILEO, Refrigerating & Air Conditioning ManufacturingEquipment
GAMMA H V RESEARCH, Electrical Power Supply
GAMMON, Fuel Handling Fittings
GARDNER, Testing Instruments
GARSITE, Refuellers & Dispensers
GASBOY, Fuel Dispensing Pumps
GAS-FLO, Ultra High Purity Cylinder Connections
GASTEC, Colour Detector Tubes & Pumps
GATES, Industrial Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings
GAZEL, Fittings
GBX, Water Activity Meter/ Contact Angle Meter/ Tensiometer
GE FANUC, PLCs & Servo Motion Controllers & HMI
GE PANAMETRICS, Process Control Instrument
GEA, Air Filters
GEFEG, Motors, Gearmotors
GEMELS, High Pressure Ball Valves
GEMS PREDYNE, Valves, Solenoid Valve
GEMS SENSORS, Level, Flow & Solid State Relays & UltrasonicSensors, Remote Monitoring Systems
GEMS SENSORS, Pressure Transducer/ Transmitters & Calibrators
GEMS, Pressure, Level, Flow Switches
GEMU, Diaphragm Valves, Globe Valves & Flowmeters
GENERAL MONITORS, Fire & Gas Detector System
GENERAL PNEUMATIC, Compressed Air & Gas Purification
GENERANT, Brass & SS Flow Controls, Needle Valves, CheckValves, Relief Valves
GENESIS, Process Control Software
GENT, Fire Detection & Alarm Systems
GEORGE FISCHER, Engineering Plastics Valves & Piping Systems
GEORGE FISCHER, Piping Systems
GERBER INSTRUMENTS, Milk Testing Equipment, Centrifuges, Butyrometers, Etc
GESIM, Microarraying Spotting Solutions
GFG, Portable Gas Monitors & Fixed System
GFL, Shaker, Water Bath, Etc
GFS CHEMICAL, Laboratory Chemicals
GHIBSON, Disc, Swing Or Dual Plate Check Valves
GIACOMINI, Fire Protection Products
GIE/ DIAVAL, Diaphragm Valve
GILBARCO, Petrol Dispensing Systems
GILSON, Cyberlab-Automated Sample Preparation Workstations
GILSON, Material Testing Equipment
GILSON, Pipettes/ HPLC/ Automatic Liquid Handler
GIMAT, On-Line Analyser For Monitoring Of Water & WasteWater
GIRARD INDUSTRIES, Pigging Equipment For Pipeline
GIRPI, Safety Valves, Girair, Quickair & Compressed AirPiping Systems
GIRPL, Girair Compressed Air Systems, Kryoclim Air-Con, Refrigeration & Chilled Water System
GKM, Valves
GLADIATOR, Sail Boat Autopilot
GLASS EXPANSION, Equipment Supplies
GLEN SPECTRA, Standard & Chemicals
GLITSCH, Hydrogen Generation Plant
GLP, Gas Analysis Systems
GMI, Portable Gas Detector & Fixed Gas Systems ForMarine & All Industrial Use
GO, Pressure Regulators
GOODFELLOW, Heating Elements
GOODFELLOW, Materials For Research
GOODFELLOW, Precious Metals
GORMAN RUPP INDUSTRIES, Bellows Metering Pumps
GORMAN-RUPP, Aviation Pumps
GOSSEN, Instrumentation
GOTECH, Testing Machine For Textile/ Paint & Papers
GOTTFERT, Testing Equipment
GOYEN, Dust Collector Valves
GOYO OPTICAL, Wide Range Of Lenses For CCTV, Industrial, TVMacro, Telecentric, Mirco Head & Scanner
GP: 50, Melt Pressure Transmitters, Aviation & AerospacePressure Transducers
GP: 50, Transducer & Transmitters Melt Pressure & Temperature Measurement
GPI, Electronic Digital Meters
GPS, GPS/ Durafuse PE Pipes & Fittings For Gas & WaterApplication
GR SCIENTIFIC, Coulometric Karl Fisher
GRACO, Double Diaphragm Pump
GRAF-SYTECO, Visualisation PC, Counters/ Controls
GRAINGER, Blowers & Pumps; Distribution, Communication & Safety Equipment;
GRAINGER, Components & Tools; Chemicals & Solvents; Hydraulics, Pneumatics & Electric
GRAINGER, Furnaces, Ovens & Incubators, Control Panels, HVAC Controls, Filters & Refrigerants;
GRAINGER, Measuring & Control Instruments, Fibre Optics & Accessories; Explosion-Proof Motors
GRAPHIC CONTROLS, Recording Chart Paper, Ink Cartridge, RecordingPens, Recorder Accessories
GRAPHIC CONTROLS, Recording Chart Paper, Ink Cartridge, RecordingPens, Recorder Accessories
GRASBY, Stack Samplers/ Spectrophotometers
GRAY WOLF, Indoor Air Quality Monitor ( IAQ)
GREAT LAKE INSTRUMENTS, pH, ORP, DO Particle Controls, CL2 MeasurementLevel & Paddlewheel Flowmeters, Etc
GREY-BLUE, Stoppers
GREYLINE INSTRUMENTS, Ultrasonic Level Transmitter, UltrasonicFlowmeters, Pump Level Controller
GRIMM, Environmental Dust Monitoring
GROTH, Pressure/ Vacuum Relief Valve, FlameArrester/ Blanket Gas Regulator
GROVE GEAR, Parallel & Right Angle GearBoxes
GROVER, Lubricating Equipment
GRUPPO ISOIL, Flow Meters & Accessories
GSI, Tank Gauging Systems
GUILDLINE, Calibration Measuring Instrumentation
GULDE, Valves
GW, Marine Sprinkler Systems, Nozzles, Control Valves
G-WON, Food Moisture Meter
GYROLOK, Valves & Fittings
H + VALVES, Safety Or Vacuum Relief Valves
H MEINECKE, Water Meters
HACH CO, Water Analysis Instrumentations
HACH ULTRA, Liquid Particle Counters
HAKKO, LCD Touch Panel/ Screen
HALLIBURTON, Turbine Meters, ESP Sensors
HALLIBURTON, Turbine Meters, ESP Sensors
HAM LET, Valves & Fittings
HAMAR, Laser Alignment
HAMILTON, Water Still
HAMPTON RESEARCH, Crystallisation Research Tools
HANKIL, Industrial PVC Hoses
HANNA, Ph Meters, Conductivity Meters Oxygen
HANNA, PH Meters, Scientic Instruments
HANNAY, Hose & Cable Reels
HANSEN TRANSMISSION, Geared Motors & Gear Units, Couplings
HARRINGTON, Industrial Plastic Piping Systems, Pipes, Fittings & Valves, Pumps, Tanks, Filters, Etc
HARRIS, Gas Cutting Equipment
HART & COOLEY, Air Diffusers, Register, Etc
HARVEL, Plastic Pipes, Valves & Fittings
HASKEL, Gas Boosters, Liquid Pumps, Air Amplifiers & HighPressure System Components
HAWA, Valves
HAWE, Hydraulic Radial Piston Pumps, Power Units & Directional Seat Valves
HAYWARD, PVC Valves, Fittings & Instrumentation, ControlValves
HEDLAND, Variable Area, Turbine & Transit Time UltrasonicFlow Meters & Pressure Indicators
HEISE, Precision Instruments
HEKATRON, Smoke & Fire Detectors
HELAND/ FLOTECH, Hydraulic Flowmeters, Portable Testers & TestSystems
HELLIGE, Scientific Apparatus & Instruments
HENGSTLER, Counters, Encoders, Cutters, Etc
HENGSTLER, Digital Timers, Counters, Tachometers, TemperatureControllers & Indicators, Rotary Encoders, Etc
HERGA, Safety Mats, Bumpers, Etc
HERION, Pneumatic/ Hydraulic/ Automatic Equipment Components
HEROSE, Cryogenic ( Industrial Medical)
HERSEY/ RAMAPO/ NIAGAR, Liquid Level Transmitters, P/ D, Magnetic & TurbineTarget Flowmeters
HERTZ & SELCK, Tobacco Flavours
HETTICH, Centrifuges
HEWITT, Aviation Fuelling Hose
HEX VALVE, Instrument Manifold Needle Valve
HI TECH COMPONENTS, Ultra High Purity ( UHP) Connectors
HI-FORCE, Hydraulic Tools
HILCO, Air/ Filters
HIP, High Pressure Tubes, High Pressure Fittings & High Pressure Valves
HIRSCHMANN, Connectors, Fiber Interfaces
HISAKA, Ball Valves
HISAMATSU, Meteorological Instruments, Thermo-Hygrograph, Thermometers
HISAMATSU, Thermohydrograph, Hygrometers, Psychrometers
HISAMATSU, Thermohygrograph
HITECH INSTRUMENTS, Oxygen Analyser, Gas Analyser, Atmosphere Analyser
HMS ( ANY BUS) , Serial To Fieldbus Converter
HOBUT, Current Transformers, Ring Type, Moulded Case, Interposing Summation
HOFMAN FLUID POWER, Quick Disconnects, Hose Barbs, Hose & Tubing
HOHN, PP Pipe For Chemical & Ventilation Applications, PE Pipe For The Gas, Water & Sewage Sectors
HOHNER, Encoders
HOME SAFEGUARD, Smoke & Heat Detector Testing Kits
HONEYWELL, Basic & Limit Switches, Ind ElectromechanicalSafety Switches & Safety Sensors, Etc
HONEYWELL, Flame Safeguard Controls
HONEYWELL, Industrial Products
HONEYWELL, Smoke & Flame Detectors, Fire Security
HONG JIANG, Elevator Components
HOOK, Valves & Fittings
HOPE/ HYPRO, Valves & Fittings
HORIBA, pH Meters Water Quality Meter
HOTPACK, Glassware Washer
HOVAL, Boilers, Calorifiers & Incinerators
HOWDEN, Screw Compressors
HSW, Flow Switches & Flow Indicators
HTC, UHP Valves & Fittings
HUBA, Industrial Products
HUMONICS, Digital Flowmeters
HUMPHREY, Actuators Like Air Cylinders, Super Quick ExhaustValves, Shock Absorbers, Cylinder Joints
HUNTER, Grinding Wheels
HYDRAFORCE, High Performance Hydraulic Cartridge Valves & Manifold Systems
HYDRA-RESTER, Water Hammer Arrester
HYDRATIGHT, Bolt Tightening & Associated Equipments
HYDROLAB, Multiparameter Water Quality Multiprobe Loggers
HY-LOK, Valves & Fittings
HYODA, Pressure Gauges & Thermometers
HY-SHIP, Gyro, Magnetic Compass, Steering
IBAK, Marine Searchlights
IBUKI, Horns, Whistles, Signalling Lights
ICOM, Marine Trunk Radio, HF, VHF, Armateur
ICOM, Portable Radios/ Walkie Talkies
ICONICS, Data Acquisition Software
IDEC, Programmable Logic Controllers
IDT, Digital Thermometer, Hydrometers, Barometers, Weather Instrument
IEC, Centrifuges
IFC, Pipeline Strainer
IFI, EMC Amplifier, TEM Cells, E-Field Sensor, Directional Coupler, Power Attenuator
IGA, Gas Meters
IGEMA, Instrumentation Boiler
IKA, Stirrer, Homogeniser
IKEUCHI, Precise Spray Nozzle Designed For IndustrialApplication
ILOG, GSM/ LAN Data Logger
ILSHIN, Freezer Dryer/ Homogenizer/ Fermenter
IMPAC, Infra-Red Pyrometers
IMPACT, Material Testing Equipment
INBAL, Water Control Valves
INDEX INSTRUMENTS, Automatic Refractometers
INDFOS, Pressure & Temperature Switches
INFINITY, DI Water Heater, Steam Generator
INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS, OEM Mechanical & Electronic Level Switch FloatSwitch, Low Switch
INOR, Temperature Transmitters
INOR, Temperature Transmitters
INSI TOOL, Hydraulic Tools
INSITE IG, Wastewater Instrumentation
IN-SITU, Submersible On-Board Data Logger For MostParameters ( Level & Paddlewheel Flowmeters & Etc)
INSITU, Water Quality Monitoring
INSTAFLEX, Pipe, Fittings Etc
INSTANTEL, Vibration Monitor
INSTROMET, Gas Turbine Meters
INSTRUMAC, Level & Flow Instruments
INTER-M, Audio & Video Systems, CCTVs
INTRA AUTOMATION, Clamp-On Type Ultrasonic Flowmeter, Magnetic LevelGauge, Pitot Tube Flow Sensor
INVALCO, Instruments & Valves
INVENSYS, Water Meter
IONICS AGAR ENVIRONMENTAL, Oil On Water Monitor, Oil Layer Thickness Monitor, Pollution Monitor
IONSPEC, Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometer
IPEX, PVC/ CPVC: Pipe & Fittings
IPEX, Xirtec 140/ 210 PVC & CPVC Pipes & FittingsEnfusion & Encase Double Containment Chemical
IPS WELD-ON, All Kinds Of Plastic Solvent Cements, Primers, Cleaners, Applicators & Accessories
IPS, Plastic Pipe Cement
IRCON, Non Contact IR Thermometers
IRCON, Non Contact IR Thermometers
IRORI, Autosort-IOK Automated Micro Reactor SortingSystem, Crystal Farm Imaging System
ISC BIOEXPRESS, Electrophoresis Products
ISC, Mosaic Mimic Display Systems
ISE MAGTECH, Magnetic Level Gauge, Level Switch, Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter, Etc
ISE MAGTECH, Magnetic Level Gauge, Level Switch, Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter, Etc
ISHIDA, Sawmilling Machineries & Conveyors
ISOLV, Acoustic Intelligent Gantry Motion MonitoringSystem For Port Crane
ISOLV, Acoustic Intelligent Gantry Motion MonitoringSystem For Port Crane
ISOLV, Flowmeters, Level Sensor, Indicator, OxygenAnalyser, Belt Scale, Retrofitable Weighing System
ISOLV, Wireless Telemetry, RTUs Fieldbus Communication
ISOLV, Wireless Telemetry, RTUs Fieldbus Communication
IST, Atomic Absorption Hollow Cathode Lamps, Etc
ISTEK, Digital pH/ Ionmeter
ISUZU, Air-Conditioning Equipment
ISUZU, Thermohydrograph, Humidity Chambers, Etc
ISUZU, Thermo-Hygrograph
ITALCOM, Oil & Grease Pump
ITL, Vacuum Fitting & Fabrication
ITT CONOFLOW, Regulator, Actuator, Booster Relay, I/ P, P/ IConverter, Positioner
ITT CONOFLOW, Regulators, Transducers, Actuators & Positioners
ITT MCDONNELL & MILLER, Flow Switches, Level Switches & Boiler LevelControls
ITT NEO-DYN, Pressure, Temperature & Flow Switches
ITUR PUMPS, API 610 Centrifugal Pumps & Industrial Pumps
IVO-IRON & VOSSELER, Counters, Encoders & Positioning Systems
J M CANTY, Process Lighting, Vision, Camera, Vector Control
J.AUER, Beacons, Bells, Horns, Signalling Equipment
JACO, Polypropylene, Food Grade Celcon, Kynar PVDFTubing Fittings, Connectors, Union Elbow & Tee
JAEGER, Meters
JAKO, Industrial Thermometer
JAKO, Pressure, Temperature & Level Gauges
JAQUET, Tachometers, Recorders
JAT, Teflon Valves/ Fittings/ Gauges
JBO, Thread Gauges & Machine Dies
JEAVONS, Gas Regulators
JEFFERSON, Solenoid Valves For Industrial & Refrigeration
JENCO, Digital pH/ Ionmeter
JENOPTIK, Colorimeter
JENWAY, PH, Conductivity, Ion, Temperature Meters
JGEMA, Instrumentation Boiler
JISKOOT, Automatic Sampling Systems
JOFRA, Temperature Bath
JOHN GUEST, Pneumatic Fittings, Tubes, Compressed Air Systems
JORD, Bellows, Expansion Joint
JORDAN VALVE, Pressure/ Temp/ Sanitary Regulator, Control Valves, Etc
JPG, Plug/ Ring/ Thread Gauges
JRC, GMDSS, Radar, Integrated Navigation Systems
JRC, Tracking Equipment
JRCS, Controls & Automation
J-TEC, Flowmeters, Flow Computers, Filtering Systems, Assembly Kits & Accessories
JULABO, Water Baths, Circulators, Etc
K P MUNDINGER GmBH, Moisture Meters
KAKUDAI, Flush Valves
KALREZ, Heat & Chemical Resistant
KANE INT, C0/ C02 Meter Combustion Analyzer
KANE MAY, Non-Contact Infared/ Digital Thermometer, PressureMeter
KANETSU, Magnetic V Block
KANSAI AUTOMATION, Float Switches & Bin Level Indicators
KASHIWA, Fire Fighting Systems, Etc
KATRONICS, Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flowmeter & Non-Invasive LevelMeasurement
KAYE & MACDONALD, Regulators
KELLER, Pressure Transducer, Pressure, Transmitter
KEM, Flowmeters
KEMP, Compressed Air & Gas Purification
KENT, Oil & Water Meters
KESSLEH, Thermometers & Hydrometers
KETT, Moisture Meter/ Balance
KETT, Vibration Meters
KIDDE FENWAL, Smoke & Heat Detectors
KIMBLE, Laboratory Glassware
KIMRAY, Control Valves, Pilot Operated Pressure Reg
KING INSTRUMENT, Stainless Steel Tube Flowmeter, Plastic TubeFlowmeter & Glass Tube Flowmeter
KING, Honing Stone/ Wheels
KISTLER MORSE, Level, Weighting-Pressure-Batching Controls
KISTLER MORSE, Ultrasonic Level & Load Cells
KITAGAWA, Gas Detectors & Detector Tubes
KLAMFLEX, Pipe Couplings
KLINGER, Piston Valves, Ballostar & Ball-O Top Ball Valves, Level Gauges-Reflex, Transparent Type Borosilicate
KOBAYASHI, Recorder Chart, Recorder Inks, Recorder Pens, Styluses, Disposable Markers, Recorder Ribbon
KOBOLD GMBH, Flow, Level, Pressure, Temperature Measurement
KOBOLD, Flow, Level, Temperature, PressureInstruments
KOBOLD, Flowmeters, Gauges, Indicators
KOBOLD, Temperature Transmitter, Pressure Sensor, LevelTransmitter & Switch, Flow Transmitter
KOFLOC, Flowmeters
KOGEL, Material/ Thickness Testing Equipment
KOMYO KITAGAWA, Gas Detectors, Gas Sampling Pump & Detector Tubes
KONAN, Solenoid Valves, Gas Regulator
KONGSBERG, Positioning/ Surveying/ Navigation/ AutomationSystems
KONIC S, Intelligent/ Digital Indicators & Converters, Graphic Intelligent Indicators & Recorders
KOROSI, Corrosion Coupon & Monitoring System
KOTTERMAN, Laboratory Furniture
KOTTERMAN, Scientific Apparatus & Instruments
KOYO, Chain Blocks
KOYO, Grinding Wheels
K-PATENTS, Process Refractometers
KRAL, Oil Flowmeters
KRIWAN, Airflow Monitoring & Controls
KROHNE, Controls
KROM SCHRODER, Gas Meters, Appliances, Gas Burners
KRUPP ATLAS, Echo Sounders, Communication & Navigation Systems
KRUSS, Tensiometer
K-TEK, Magnetic Level Gauges, Switches & Transmitters
KUHNKE, Pneumatic, Solenoid, Rotary Solenoid, Relays, Counters, Timers
KUHNKE, Relais, Magnets
KUKA, Flanged Ball Valves
KURE NORTON, Grinding Wheels
KURODA WATTS, Airfilters, Regulators, Lubricators, Air Valves & Accessories
KURODA, Pneumatic Components, Cylinders, Valves, Accessories & Systems
KURZ INSTRUMENT, Thermal Mass Flowmeter
KURZ INSTRUMENTS, Thermal Mass Flow Meter For Air/ Gas FlowMeasurement
KWIK-WAY, Valve Refacers
KYORITSU, Earth Tester, Digital Insulation, ResistanceTester
KYOWA, Microscopes
LAB SAFETY, Safety Measuring & Control Instruments & Accessories For Protection, Emergency,
LAB SAFETY, Spill Clean Up, Chemical Storage, MaterialHandling, Maintenance & Labware
LABNET, Life Science Equipment
LAKE, Flow Monitors
LAKE, Monitors
LAMINA, Hydraulic Drill Machine
LAR ANALYTILE ON-LINE, COD, TOC, BOD, Toxicity Measurement
LAR, COD/ BOC/ TOC On Line Analyzer
LARSON DAVIS, Sound Level Meter, Vibration Monitor, Noise Dosimeter
LAVERSAB, Touch Terminals & Monitors
LC, Meters
LEAKWISE, Oil-On-Water Detector Alarm Systems, Oil LayerThickness Monitor, Pollution Monitor
LEE-DICKENS, Data Loggers & Scada Systems
LEESON, Rotary Optical Encoders
LEISTRITZ, Screw Pumps, Multiphase/ Multidrive Screw Pumps, Positive Displacement Pumps
LEM, Current & Voltage Transducer
LENETA, Test Card
LENTON, Furnaces
LENZE, Frequency Converters, Motors
LEONARD, Hose Stations, Thermostatic Mixer
LESER SAFETY RELIEF, Safety Relief Valve
LESER, Relief & Safety Valves
LESLIE, Control Valves, Regulators & Instrumentation
LET-LOK, Valves & Fittings
LEUZE LUMIFLEX, Photo Eyes, Light Curtains, Barcode & DistanceScanners
LEUZE-LUMIFLEX, Safety Sensors & Light Curtains
LEVELITE, Electro-Optic Level Switches, CapacitanceProximity Switches
LEXAIR INC, Heavy Duty Poppet, Spool & Sleeve Valves For Air & Hydraulics
LIGNOMAT, Moisture Meters
LINC, Chemical Injection Pumps, Control Valves, Level & Flow Switches
LINE SEKI, Tachometers, Counters
LINEAR LAB, Thermometers
LINTECH, Positioning Systems
LIQUID CONTROLS, Positive Displacement Flowmeters
LIQUIP, Tanker Trucks Accessories
LITTLE GIANT PUMP, Pumps For Commercial Applications, Magnetic DrivenPumps For Corrosive Chemical Applications
LITTLE JOE, Color Proofing Press
LMI, Analog & Digital Chemical Metering Pumps
LOBSTER, Honing Stone/ Wheels
LOEFFLER, Filter Products
LORO & PARISINI NEYRTEC, Stone Crushing Equipment
LOVE, Controllers & Recorders
LSI, HVAC Physical Quantities Monitoring
LSP, SS Briad LPG Hose
LUDECKE, Clamps & Claw Couplings
LUMIGLAS, Light Fittings & Sight Glass Fittings, CameraSystem
LUTRON, Lux Meter
LUTZ PUMP, Drum Pump, Mixer & Batching Control System
LUWA, Filters, Nuclear Protection
LVF, Valve
LVM, Valve
LYNGSO MARINE, Ship Control Systems
MACBAT, Battery Regeneration & Maintenance System
MACHEREY-NAGEL, Chromatography Accessories
MACNAUGHT, Liquid Flow Controls
MACNAUGHT, Liquid Flow Controls
MACS, Monitoring Alarm Control Systems, Scada ElementarySystem, Process Control, System Integrator
MACSA, Labelling Equipment
MACTAVISH, Tobacco Processing Machinery
MAGNATROL, Solenoid Valves
MAGNETEK, AC & DC Variable Speed Drives
MAGNETIC INSTRUMENTATION, Gaussmeters, Magnetizers, Fluxmeters
MAGNETROL, Float Level Switch, Displacer/ Ultrasonic Level/ Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter
MAGNUM, Pressure & Temperature & Loop Calibrator, Deadweight Tester
MAGTECH, Magnetic Level Gauge, Level Switch, Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters, Etc
MAIHAK, Industrial Products
MANN, Filters
MARCONI, Networks, Wireless, Enterprise
MARIANI, Aluminium Bronze Valve
MAR-IN CONTROLS, Viscosity Control System
MAR-IN CONTROLS, Viscosity Control System
MARPORT, Fishery, Underwater Scan Sensors, Net Control, Hydrophone
MARTEK, Marine Safety System
MARWIN, Ball Valves, Pneumatic/ Electric Actuator
MASA, Concrete Block Making Machines
MASADA, Hydraulic Jack
MASON, Rubber Expansion Joint
MASTAP, Laboratory Water & Gas Fittings
MASTERWOOD, Boring Machines
MATHESON TRI-GAS, Specialty Gases
MATHEY DEARMAN, Saddle Pipe Cutting & Beveling Machines
MATREYA, Lipid & Fatty Acid Standards
MAXPURE, Bio-Pharma Fittings
MAXSEAL, Solenoid Valves
MBRAUN, Glove Box With Integrated Gas Purification System
MCC, Pipe & Bolt Threading Machines
MCCABE, Water Finding Paste
MCCANNA, Top Entry Ball Valves, Valves For Severe Service
MCG, Servo Motor & Controller
MCMASTER-CARR, Components, Instruments, Pumps, Tools, HVAC, Electric Filters & Accessories
MCMASTER-CARR/ GRAINGER, Hardware Accessories: Electrics, Pneumatics, Hydraulics & Hybrid Technologies
MCMASTER-CARR/ GRAINGER, Instrumentation, Equipment, HVAC, Components, Tools, Pumps, Valves, Motors, Filters, Fittings
MCMILLAN, Chemical Flow Sensors & Controllers
MCS, Fire Pumps Controller
MDA SCIENTIFIC, On-Line Gas Analysers
MEBER, Band Sawa
MECI, Gas Flow Computers For Custody Transfers
MEC-RELA, Control Valves
MEDC, Ex-Proof Visual/ Audible Alarms, Horns, Loudspeakers
MEGACON, Generator Control & Protection Systems, EarthLeakage & Fault Monitoring, Etc
MEGA-RESTER, Water Hammer Arrestors
MEGGITT, Fuelling Products
MEI, Swing & Dual Plate Check Valves
MEIJI, Microscopes
MEINECKE, Water Meters, Flow Meters
MELCHER, AC/ DC-DC/ DC Power Converters
MEMTEC, Cross Flow Microfilters
MENCOM, Cables & Receptacles, Panel Interface Connectors, Junction Blocks, Cable
MERCER, Air Gauges, Air Plug, Air Ring
MERCOID, Switches & Controls
MERIAM, Manometers, Digital Calibrators, D/ P Indicators & Switches
MERIDIAN, Survey & Commercial Gyro Instrument
MERLAUD, Public Address System
METAGLAS, Sight Glass For Hazardous Medias
METALFLEX, Wafer Check Valve, Foot Valve
METERPUMP, Dosing Pump, PH Monitoring Controller, Conductivity Meter, RX Meter
METKON, Polisher/ Grinder/ Microstructure Cutter
METRAWATT, Digital Panel Meters
METRIX INSTRUMENT, Vibration Switches, Sensors, Transmitters, Monitors, Alarms, Relays & Meters
METROHM, Insulation/ High Voltage/ Cable Fault Loop Testers
MEYER, Pin Gauge
MFS, Capsule Filters, Membrane Filters, PressureFiltration, Etc
MICHELL, Hygrometers, Moisture Analysers, HydrocarbonDew-Point Meters
MICRO MOTION INC, Mass Flowmeters, Density, Viscosity & Gas FlowMeasurement
MICRO-LITE, Ring Lamps
MICRO-MEDICAL, Smoke Analyzer
MICRO-TECH SCIENTIFIC INC, Nano Liquid Chromatography System
MICROTOUCH, Monitor & Flat Panel Display Touchscreen
MIDAC, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer
MIDWEST OPTICAL, Mounted Filters For Machine Vision
MIDWEST, Cooling Towers
MIDWEST, D P Gauges & Switches
MIDWEST, D P Gauges & Switches
MIE, Real Time Aerosol Monitor, Datalogger
MIKALOR, Hose Clamps
MILLTRONICS, Capacitance/ Ultrasonic/ Radar Level Instruments
MILLTRONICS, Full Range Of Level Transmitters & System
MILRAM, Wall Mount Gas Meter
MILTRONICS, Full Range Of Level Transmitters & System
MINERVA, Fire Alarm & Detection Systems & Peripherals
MINILEC, Floatless Liquid Level Control Relays
MIQUEL Y COSTAS, Cigarette Paper, Cork Tipping Paper & Plugwrap
MITSUBISHI HISHI, Chamber & Membrane Filter Plate & Bio-Filter Media
MITSUBISHI, Lube & Fuel Oil Purifiers
MITUTOYO, Measuring Instrument
MLW, Scientific Apparatus & Instruments
MMC, Portable Tank Gauging System
MOBREY, Flow/ Float/ Magnetic Level Switches, Rotameters, Ultrasonic/ Averaging Pilot Flowmeters
MODULOC, High Temperature Sensors
MONARCH INSTRUMENT, Stroboscope, Tachometer
MONITRAN, Vibration Monitors & Accelerometers
MONNIER, Inline & Modular Pneumatics Filters, Regulators & Lubricators
MOORE, Controllers, Recorders, Transmitters, Electronic& Pneumatic Signal Conditioning Instruments, DCS
MOSAIK EMK, Mosaic Panels
MOTHERWELL, Tank Gauging & Management
MOTIC, Microscopes
MOTOROLA, Portable Radios/ Walkie Talkies
MOTOROLA/ TT, Satellite Phone
MOTT, Gas Filter
MOTT, Gas Filter
MOXA, Industrial Ethernet Switches & Serial Ports
MP FITRI, Filters
MSC, Moisture System
MST, Breathing Air Purification System
M-SYSTEM, Signal Conditioners, Lightning Arresters, Super-DCS, Telemetry & Remote I/ O Devices
MULTI-INSTRUMENTS, Manifolds, Double Blocks & Bleed, Monoflange
MUNSELL, Colour Cards
MW, Instrumentation
MYRON-L, Conductivity/ Resistivity Meters
NABIC, Pressure Safety Relief Valves
NADI, Solenoid Valves
NAGANO, Pressure Gauges, Thermometers
NAGANO, Temperature Controllers & Pressure Gauges
NAGMAN, Pressure & Temperature & Loop Calibrator, Deadweight Tester
NAKASHIMA, Controllable, Fixed Pitch Propellers, PitchPropellers, Bow Thrusters, Stern Gears
NAMETRE, In-Line Viscosity Measurement
NANABOSHI, Electrical Connectors
NARDA, Safety Test Solution
NARDI, Timber Drying Kilns & Boilers
NAUTICAST, AIS Transponder, Base Station
NBC, Precision Mesh For Industrial Usage & MouldedFiltration
NDV, Diaphragm Valves
NEOTRONICS, Portable Gas Detectors
NEPTUNE, Chemical Metering Injection Pumps
NESS, Temperature & Pressure Gauges/ Switches
NETTER, Electrical, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Vibrators
NEU-FLO, Butterfly Valves
NEUMO, Bio-Reactors, WFI Vessels
NEUMO, ISO/ DIN Pharmaceutical Tubes & Fittings, Food, Beverage & Dairy Tubes & Fittings, Heat Exchangers
NEW AGE INDUSTRIES, Plastic Tubings Hose & Fittings
NEW COSMOS, Gas Detection & Alarm Systems
NEW FLOW, Flow Sensor, Variable Area & Thermal MassFlowmeter, Pressure Transmitter, Switches & Gauge
NEWAY, Engine Valve Seat Cutters
NEWAY, Valves
NEW-FLOW, Diaphragm Pressure Gauge
NEWPORT, Digital Panel Indicators, Temperature Sensors, Controllers & Recorders, pH, Conductivity
NEWPORT, Rapid Visco Analyser ( RVA)
NEWPORT-USA, Measuring & Control Instruments & Accessories
NEXT TWO, Industrial & Ex-Proof Loudspeakers
NFC, Flowmeter
NGK, Zirconia 2 Cell Type 02 Analyzer
NIAGARA, Target/ Vortex/ Ultrasonic Flowmeters
NIBCO, Fire Fighting Valves
NIBCO, Fluid Handling System Plastic Pipe, Valve & Fittings
NICHIDENSHOKO, Electrical Connectors
NICKEL ELECTRO, Waterbath, Stirrer, Shaker
NICOLL, Nicoll Access Flap Door, Nicoll Channels ForSwimming Pools, Drains & Roads
NIEAF SMITT, Miniature Relay, Panel Meter & MeasuringInstrument
NIKKISO, Syringe/ Infusion Pump
NIPPON AUTOMATION, Sensors, Data Transmission
NIPPON HAKUYO ELECTRONICS, Fire Detectors & Alarm Systems
NIPPON SEISEN, All Metal Gas Filter
NISSIN, Refigeration Systems
NIST, Reference Standard Materials
NITTAN, Smoke & Heat Detectors, Fire Alarm Systems
NITTO, Flowmeters
NIVELCO, Level Switch & Level Transmitter
NIVELCO, Ultrasonic Level Sensors
NKS, Pressure & Temperature Instruments
NO CLIMB, Smoke & Heat Detector Testing Kits
NOGA, Deburring Tools, Magnetic Stands
NOHKEN, Level Measurement & Control Instruments
NOHMI BOSAI, Fire Detectors & Alarm Systems
NOR CONTROL, Positioning/ Surveying/ Navigation/ AutomationSystems
NORBRO, Pneumatic & Electrical Actuators
NORCONTROL, Positioning/ Surveying/ Navigation/ AutomationSystems
NORE LL, NMR Precision Sample Tubes
NORIKA, Floor Trap Grating, Fastener, Rubber FlangeGaskets, Bracket, Valves, Bath Room Accessories,
NORIS, Engine Monitoring System
NORIS, Engine Monitoring System
NORIS, Sight-Flow Indicators & Sight Glasses
NORMA, Pipe Couplings & Hose Clamps
NORWELL, Drum & Tank Samplers
NOSHOK, Pressure Gauges, Transducers, Transmitters, Etc
NOTIFIER, Fire Detectors & Alarm Systems
NOVASEP, Preparative Chromatographic & Purification
NOVASIL, Butterfly Valves
NOVO CONTROL, Printing Ink Equipment
NUFLO, Recorders, Controllers, Product Sampling System, Water-Cut Monitor, Safety Relief Valves
NUFLO, Turbine/ Ultrasonic/ DP Cone/ PD Flowmeters, Flow Totalizers/ Indicators, Orifice Fittings
NUMATICS, Pneumatics Automation Products SerialCommunications & Air Preparation Equipment, Etc
NUOVA FIMA, Pressure Gauges & Bi-Metal
NUOVA FIMA, Pressure Gauges, Thermometer, Pitt Pressure Gauges& Controls
OASIS, Dehumidifiers
OBERDORFER PUMP, Centrifugal, Rotary, Gear & Progressive CavityPumps
OBLES, Finger Joint Systems
OCEAN DATA, Echo Sounders & Acoustic Systems
OCENS, Satellite Weather & Email Program
ODE, Solenoid Valves
OFFICINE OROBICHE, Flowmeter, Level Switches & Rotameters
OGURA, Electro-Hydraulic Hole Punchers
OHNO, Valves
OHO, Valves, Stop Cock, I, L, T Style Water HammerArrestor Bronze Fitting OHO-7 Constant Flow, Etc
OKAZAKI MFG, Thermocouple/ RTD/ Thermowells
OKI, Fire Detectors & Alarm Systems
OLIVER VALVES, Valves & Manifolds
OMCN, Hydraulic Press
OMEGA, Digital Panel Indicators, Temperature Sensors, Controllers & Recorders, pH, Conductivity
OMEGA, Filter Cassettes & Membrane Filters
OMEGA-USA, Measuring & Control Instruments, Heaters & Accessories For Strain, Force Environment, pH
OMEGA-USA, Measuring/ Control Instruments, Heaters/ AccessoriesFor Conductivity, Data Acquisition & Surgery
OMI, Compressed Air & Gas Purification
OMIX/ MARUNISHI, Saw Doctoring Equipment
OMNI, Flow Computers For Custody Transfer
OMNI, Flow Computers For Custody Transfer
OMNIFLEX, Alarm Annuciators, Sequential Event Recorders( SER) & PLCs
OMRON, Programmable Logic Controllers, Control Components
ONEAC, Communication Line Protectors, Power Conditioner, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Etc
ONGARO, Marine Horns
ONVIO, Servo Speed Reducers, Electro-Magnetic Clutches, Timing Pulleys
OPTICAL ACTIVITY, Automatic Polarimeter
OPW, Loading Arms & Visi-Flow & Refuelling Nozzles
OPW, Oil & Chemical Loading Arms
ORANGE RESEARCH INC, Differential Pressure & Flow Intruments
ORBECO-HELLIGE, Water & Waste Water Testing Equipment
OREG, Industrial Butterfly Valves
OSAKA, Extensive Range Of Manometers, Gauges, TransmitterPressure Switches For The Petrochemical Industry
OSAKA, Filters
OVAL, Flowmeters
OXFORD, Single/ Dual & Self-Cleaning Filters
PAC, Digital Panel Meters, Transducers & Transmitters
PACIFIC ENVIRONMENTAL, Environmental Monitoring Systems
PALAZZOLI, Bells, Enclosures & Electrical Accessories
PALINTEST, Photometer
PALMER, Dial Thermometers, Pressure Gauges, Circular Chart Recorders, Thermowells
PAM, Hubless Pipes & Fittings, Drainage System
PAOLONI, Circular Saws
PAPAILIAS, Sight Glass, Flow Indicators
PAPERLESS OFFICE, Image & Document Management
PARKER COMMERCIAL, Pumps, Motors, Valves & Telescopic Cylinders
PARKER PNEUMATIC, Pneumatic Components, Cylinders, Valves, Accessories & Systems
PARKER, Fluidpower Motion & Controls Components & Accessories
PARKER, Hose Clamps
PARKER, Variable Displacement Axial Piston Pumps
PARKER/ GREER, Bladder Accumulators, Greerolators Piston, Accumulators Pulse-Tones & Repair Kits
PASCALL, Ball Mills, Grinders, Mixers, Triple Roll Mills & Crushers
PATENT MACHINEBOUW B V, Band Tobacco Plants & Cigar Machinery
PAUL & GARDNER, Paint Testing Equipment
PAULSTRA, Specialist In Vibration Isolation, Noise Reduction& Sealing
PBV, Ball Valves
PCL, Garage Equipment
PEAK, Optical Instruments
PEDERSHAAB, Concrete Pipe Machine
PEECO, Flow Switches
PEECO, Flow Switches
PEG, Engine Rebuild Equipment
PEKOS, Flanged Ball Valves
PELCO, CCTVs & Peripherals
PENGUIN PUMP, Horizontal & Vertical Centrifugal Pumps ForChemical Applications, Filtration Systems & Mixers
PENTA KB POWER, DC Motor Controls
PEPPERL + FUCHS, Photosensors, Proximity, Ultrasonic, Fiber Optic, Safety Sensors & Rotary Encorders
PERKIN ELMER, Machine Vision Strobes For Use In Industrial, Vision & Robotics Applications, Etc
PERM, Commercial Gyro System Heading Device
PERMA TANK, Fibreglass Underground Tank
PERMASEAL, Hose Fittings
PERONI POMPE, Reciprocating, Metering Pumps
PFANNENBERG, Filterfans, Alarms
PFS, Venturi, Meter Tube, Orifice Plates
PGC SCIENTIFICS, Laboratory Equipment
PHD, Linear Actuators, Rotary & Multi-Motion Actuators, Slides & Grippers, Proximity Switches & Sensors
PHILMAC, Compression Fittings
PHOENIX CONTACT, Modular Terminal Blocks, Signal Interface, SurgeProtectors & Suppressors, Interbus-S, Etc
PHONIX, Valves
PILZ, Safety Relay & Text Display
PLAST-O-MATIC, Angle Relief/ By-Pass/ Back Pressure Valves, TeflonDiaphragm Relief & Bellows Solenoid Valves
PLAST-O-MATIC, Plastic Gauge Guard, Regulating & Relief Valves
PLASTOMATIC, Pressure Regulator, Pressure Relief Valve, Special Control Valves
PLATON, LPCB Approved Flowmeter
PLENTY, Steam & Air Traps
PMA, Control Technology, Indicators, Recorders, DataAcquisition Equipment & Software
PMC/ BETA, Multi-Channel Vibration Monitor, Solid StateVibration/ Temperature Transmitter
PMI/ AMT, Precision Ball Screw, Linear Guideway
PNEU HYDRO, Relief, Check, Hand & Shuttle Valves
PNEUMATIC PRODUCT CORPN, Compressed Air Dryer Systems
POLYFLEX, High Pressure Hose
POLYMETRON, Analytical Testing & Measurement Instruments
POLYSUMI, Contact Temperature Equipment/ Bath
PORVAIR, Quality Microplate, Mat Capper, Ultravap, 96 WellSample Concentrator
POVAL, Belting For Conveyor System
POWER ONE GROUP, Power Supplies, Switching
POWER SYSTEMS & CONTROLS, Hybrid UPS, Frequency Converters
POWERAMP, Dock Leveller
POWERUPS, Power Management Software, Telecontrol & Uninterruptible Power Supplies
POWHATAN, Fire Protection Products
PPM TECHNOLOGY, Portable & Fixed Gas Detection Instruments
PR, Valves
PRECISION DIGITAL, Digital Panel Meters, Explosion Proof ProcessIndicator, Alarm Annunciator
PREDYNE, Solenoid Valves
PRESENS, Micro Oxygen Sensor
PRESO, Industrial Products
PRESSURE SYSTEMS, Spacecraft Fuel Tanks
PRIME MEASUREMENT, Telemetry, DPU, DP Switches, Transmitters, Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
PRIMME, Offset Proof Press
PRINCO, Capacitance/ Impedence - Continuous, Point LevelSwitch & Displacer
PRO INSTRUMENTS, Pressure Gauges
PROCON, Dined Diaphragm Valves
PROCTOR, Wide Range Of Drying Machinery
Product or Service
PRO-INSTRUMENT, Pressure Gauges
PROSTEAM, Pressure Extraction Carpet Cleaner
PROSYS, Samplers For Process Industry
PROTECH, Laboratory Ovens, Refrigerators
PROTECOL, Capillary LC
PROTECOL, Capillary LC
PROTEGO, Pressure & Vacuum Valves
PROTOCOL, Organic & Inorganic Standards
PROXIMITY, Switches & Controls
PS AUTOMATION, Electric Or Linear Actuators
PS-SASTECH, Compressor
PULSAFEEDER, Electric Metering Pump
PULSAR/ CIRRUS, Sound Level Meters
PUREGARD, Silicone Hose
PYREX, Laboratory Glassware
PYROGEN, Fire Suppression System
PYROMATION, Temperature Sensors, Thermocouples & RTD
QIC, Pressure & Temperature Gauges
QMI, Oil Mist Detectors
QORPAK, Sample Containers
QUADRINA, Turbine Meters & Hydrant Control Instrumentation
QUALOGY, Industrial Computers, PC-Based Data Acquisition& Control
QUAN-TECH, Resistor, Semiconductor Noise & VibrationAnalyzers
QUANTUM AUTOMATION, Building Automation System
QUEST, Sound Level Meter, Dosimeter, Heat Stress Meter, Gas Meter
QUICK LOK, Quick Connectors
QUINCY PUMP, QV, QSVI Rotary, QSVB Medical & QSV Pumps
R & G, Controls, Gauges, Switches, Etc
R M YOUNG, Meteorological Instruments, Wind Meter
RACOR, Filters
RAE, Dust Monitor
RAHN, Waterless Surface Plate Cleaners
RAL, Colour Cards
RAYMARINE, Navigation Radar, Echo Sounder, Chartplotter, Wind System
RAY-RAN, Plastic Testing Equipment
RAYTEK, Infra-Red Thermometers
RBR, Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves, Floating BallValves, 1 " To 24 " Class 150
RCM, Direct Reading Flowmeters
RDH, Reagents
RDH, Reagents
REACT ARRAY, SK233-Screening Optimisation For Synthetic Chemist
REAGECON, Inorganic Standards
RED LION CONTROLS, Temperature Controller & Speed Counter
REDI, PVC Drainage/ Sewage Pipes & Fittings, Non-ReturnValve/ Anti-Flooding System Check Valves
REGIS, Chiral HPLC Columns
REGO, LP Gas & Anhydrous Ammonia Equipment
REISS, Wey Slide Valves & Knife Gate Valves
REMOTE CONTROL, Industrial Actuators & Accessories
REN, Oil Level Regulators & Slow Flowmeters
RENCO, Rotary Optical Encoders
REOTEMP, Thermometers, Pressure Gauges, Gauge Cocks, Siphons
RESEAL, Hose Fittings
RHEINTACHO, Eddy Current Tachometers, Control Etc
RHEONIK, Coriolis Mass Flowmeter
RIDGID, Pipe Threading & Cutting Machine
RIELE, Filter Photometer
RIKEN KEIKI, Gas Detectors
RIKO, Side & Top Mount Level Switches
RING, Epoxy Coated Fittings
RINGLOK, Tube Fittings
RION, Viscotesters
RITTER, Wet Gas Meter
RITTMEYER, Flow Meters & Level Indicator
R-K INDUSTRIES, Process Control Valves, Pressure Regulators, Vacuum Breakers & Pressure Switches
ROBOHAND, Linear Thrusters, Rotary Actuators, FeedEscapements, Grippers, Swing Clamps & Slides
ROCTEST, Geotecnical Product
ROD-L, Hipot Testers, Ground Continuity Testers
ROFIN, Universal Forensic Light Source
RONAN, Instrumentation & Monitoring Systems
ROPER, Gear Pumps
ROPER, Rotary Gear Pumps
ROSEMOUNT ANALYTICAL INC, Gas, Liquid, LAB, Combustion Analysers
ROSEMOUNT, Pressure, Temperature, Temp. Sensors ( Rid & T/ C) , Flow, HTG, Level, Instruments, Vortex & Mag.
ROTECH, Limit Switches
ROTORK INSTRUMENT, ESD ( Emergency Shutdown System)
ROTOTHERM, Pressure & Temperature Gauges, Precision TestGauge, D/ P & Flow Gauges, Orifice Plate & Flanges
ROTOTHERM, Pressure, Temperature Recorder
ROTTLER, Engine Rebuilding Equipment
ROXAN/ ICAN, Survey & Mapping Chart
RTE ( RIVERTRACE) , Oil Discharge Monitoring For Ballast Water BilgeWater Alarm
RTK, Control Valves & Controllers
RUEGER, Pressure Gauges & Thermometers
RUSKIN-LULLA, Fire Dampers
RUSTRAK, Digital, Strip & Circular Chart Recorders
RYUTAI KOGYO, Rotameters
SAAB ROSEMOUNT, Tank Gauging Systems, Radar Level Gauges & Transmitters, Multiple Spot Temperature Sensor
SABARINA, Reeling & Gummed Tapes
SACO, Annunciators/ Mosaic Display Panels
SAFTRONICS, Electronic Soft Starters
SAINT GOBAIN, Performance Plastics
SAINT-GOBAIN, Ductile Iron Pipes & Fittings
SAINT-GOBAIN, Performance Plastic Teflon Valve Pump & Fittings
SAKURA, Filters
SALWICO, Fire Alarm & Navigation Systems
SAM ELECTRONICS, Echo Sounders, Communication & Navigation Systems
SAMYANG, Navigation & Communication Systems
SAMYUNG, GMDSS, EPIRB, Navigation Systems
SAMYUNG, Radar, Echo Sounder
SAMYUNG, Ship Radio, SSB, VHF....
Email : k55588800@ yahoo.com

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Name:Mr. Robert Sinaga [Sales]
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Phone Number:62-251-753 8483
Fax Number:62-251-753 9361
Address:Jl. Pinang I No.3, Curug Mekar
Bogor 16113, Jawa Barat
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